The island of Rodos is situated in the South Aegean Sea. It is the largest island in the Dodecanese and the fourth in Greece after Crete, Evia and Lesvos (Lesbos). It has a long history, a rich natural environment, beautiful beaches and modern tourist facilities, elements that have for decades made it a one of the most popular tourist destinations both nationally and worldwide.

The island of Rodos is oblong and has the shape of a spear edge. Located about 460 kilometers southeast of Athens, 380 km west of Cyprus and 18 km southwest of Turkey. Its length is 77 km, width 37 km and total area of 1,401 square kilometers (1,408,749 acres). It has 253 kilometers of coastline. The island can be described as mountainous with the highest mountains the Atavyros (1210 meters), the Artamyti (825 meters) and the Prophet Ilias (800 meters).

The population according to the latest census amounts to 117,007 inhabitants.

The island can be reached both by air or sea.

Rodos has an International Airport, “Diagoras”, located in Paradisi, 14 km from Rhodes town .

The port of Rodos fulfills all the specifications to function as a cruise “home port”, thus making the island of Rodos an entry or exit point for cruises in the Mediterranean

The inhabitants of Rhodes speak except from the Greek language mostly English, and many of them know other languages like German,French , Italian, Spanish, Russian and others.

The official currency is the euro.

Standard Time: UTC / GMT +2 hours
Summer Time: UTC / GMT +3 hours

The weather on the island is clear and sunny all year round. The maximum and minimum temperatures per month are as follow:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
C Min  10  10  12  15  18  22  27  27  26  22  18  14
C Max  13  13  16  20  24  28  32  34  30 27  23  17


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The public holidays for 2017 are:

  • January 1 The New Years Day
  • January 6 The Epiphany
  • February 27 The Beginning of the Lent
  • March 7 The National Day(The Integration of the Dodecanese to Greece)- Parade
  • March 25 The National Day (The Annunciation)- Parade
  • April 14 The Good Friday
  • April 16 The Easter- The Resurrection of Christ
  • May 01 The Labour Day
  • June 05 The Holy Spirit
  • August 15 The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • October 28 The Day of No- Parade
  • November 14 The St. Constantine Hydreos- The Patron Saint of the City
  • December 25 The Christmas Day
  • December 26 The Boxing Day

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